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Evan Harrison

Web developer | Raleigh, NC


I am a front end web developer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I mostly work on big websites for Fortune 500 companies. But I also love building small, impactful sites for people who are doing and making cool things.

Using full stack JavaScript, CSS, and semantic HTML, I develop sites and applications with a user-first mindset: accessible, performant, pleasing, and powerful.



A talking timer for yoga and exercise. A progressive web app built with React, Vois allows people to build and save exercise sequences, where each step is read aloud at specified times. The app uses the Web Speech API.

Cindy Wagner Fine Art

A website and gallery for Charlotte, NC artist Cindy Wagner. This Gatsby site uses Strapi, a headless CMS, for content authoring and triggering deployments.

This is the site you're on! It's a static site built with Eleventy that uses Webpack + PurgeCSS to produce a minimal Tailwind CSS stylesheet.

Thanks for checking out my work.

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